the Story Coffee Shop & Country Store

The Story is a non-profit coffee shop, and offers wooden and country-style furniture, specialty gifts, and jewellery, as well as a variety of light meals and home-baked specialty cakes and scones.

The Story is intended to be the "face" of the iThemba Trust in the town of Tarkastad, and aims to tell the story of what is happening at Orange Grove, and of the many individuals whose lives are being touched and changed by the efforts and love of those involved in the many projects taking place.

Each month the Story raises money for a specific cause that has been approved by the iThemba Trust board. For example, the Story has raised money for Siya Siyo, an Orange Grove Schools learner, to be able to travel to America to participate in sporting events as part of an international student convention. The Story has also raised money for promising Orange Grove Outdoor Adventures archer Liso Mngqibisa to be able to buy his very own compound bow.

How to get Involved

If catering, front of house, or business administration are your forté, come and join us at the Story, and make our little jewel on Grey Street in Tarkastad shine even brighter.

Whether you serve as a sous chef, a waiter, or barista – for two weeks or two months – we need you and your extroverted personality to impact our small community with Christian service and love.