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The infrastructure and buildings at Orange Grove Schools, and for other iThemba Projects, have increased significantly in the last two years thanks to generous donor funding.

Orange Grove Schools have recently acquired a beautiful new staff room and kitchen/catering facility overlooking the tennis courts with a view of the distant thornveld-covered mountains.

We have also recently completed separate boys and girls ablution blocks, complete with toilets and showers, as well as a dedicated science and biology lab that also doubles as an art room.

In other Orange Grove Projects, work is currently underway on a wood-framed log cabin for Orange Grove Outdoor Adventures, which will provide dormitory accommodation for the colder winter months.

In the grounds of the Story, building has started on wood-framed consulting rooms that will form the basis of a wellness clinic that will offer medical care to the community.

Orange Grove Schools

Projects that need Assistance

  • Orange Grove Schools TransportationFunding and equipment to renovate and expand our kitchen which feeds 60 children three meals per day
  • 25 metre swimming pool for Orange Grove Schools which is essential to grow the sport of swimming in order to compete at regional level.
  • An astro-turf and athletics track form part of long term plans to provide sporting facilities of excellence, and sports coaching at provincial and national level.
  • Stabling, tack room and consulting room for EAP vision.

Small Requirements

  • Clothes: Diapers, Baby Clothes, Dress-Up Clothes, Socks & Underwear up to Age 13, Any Other Clothes
  • Toiletries: Bodywash, Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Cream, Deodorant, Anti-Perspirant, Tissues
  • Equipment: Cricket Balls, Swimming Aids, First Aid, Sports Equipment, Stopwatches, Whistles
  • Stationery: Glue Sticks, Scissors, Polymer Erasers, Clutch Pencils & Lead, Large Staplers, Construction & Poster Paper, Colouring Books, Office Supplies
  • Toys: Educational Games & Toys (particularly, Children’s CDs, Puzzles, Dolls, Small Cars, Lego Blocks, Board Games, Plastic Animals, Cards, Baby Toys

Thank You

A huge thank you to our donors, among whom are:

Donor From
Rip Miller Texas
Lee Ann Miller Texas
Will Tally Texas
Jimmy John & Leslie Liautaud Illinois
Ted & Tanya Jernigan Washington
Lane Grigsby Louisiana
Randy & Dana Mills Oklahoma
Vicki & Deni Krafft Oklahoma
Frosty & Pam Moore Texas
Michael & Susie Hunter Texas
Bob & Cydney Shepard Texas
Mark & Amy Karakoutis Texas
Jerry Conway Texas
Ed & Diane Michael & Carma Weaver Texas
Jeff & Lori Holmes Oklahoma
George & Cindy Brannen Georgia
Mzuri Foundation California
Rick & Carol Arend Minnesota
Otto & Nita Hoernig Florida
Brad & Theresa Kline Maryland
Bill & Linda Muzyl Michigan
Brad & Kathleen Parker Texas
Jim & Shari Jauss Michigan
Clay Bebee Texas
Abby Klarr Texas
Pat & Lacie Crow Texas
Mark & Vicki Eidman Texas
Steve & LeAnne Skinner Texas
Mary Ball Texas
Clay & Kristina Johnson Texas
Fred & Lori MacDonald Texas
Bekah & Sally Klarr Michigan
Chris & Ellen Mckeown Texas
Loralee West Pensylvania
Central Texas Safari Club Texas
Randy & Heather Fagin Texas
Butch, Rhonda & Mahlory Hensley Oklahoma
Lance & Maria Chamberlain Oklahoma
Steve & Kathe Unfreid Alaska
Don & Sherry Boksch Washington
Norman & Judy Detrick Ohio
Kevin & Laura Dunworth Texas
Gary & Susan Farmer Texas
Mark & Benita Gjurasic Washington
Jay Hagman Texas
Michael Moran Louisiana
Rick Visor Oklahoma
Wyatt & Sherry McGuire Texas
The Network Luxembourg
Luke Corbett Family Oklahoma
Hugh & Charlotte Wormald Queenstown
Marc Sparks Texas
Vodacom Foundation South Africa
Tony Chubb Cathcart
SMG Africa East London
Alan Ter Morshuizen East London
Twizza Queenstown
John & Anne Weisman Texas
Giltedge Travel Cape Town
David Wheeler California
James & Lauri Bibler Arizona
Jim & Pam Kelly Arizona
Children of Northern Light School California
Kenneth & Patricia Behring California
Allen Hodges Family Texas
Todd Mueller Family Texas
Steve Bass  
Robbie & Treeta Mayfield Texas
Graham & Rose Everitt Johannesburg
Pierre & Lynda de Villiers Johannesburg
Carol Ellis Johannesburg
Mickie & Barbara McKenzie Texas
Johnny & Sandra Rutherford Texas
Adrian & Shirleyanne Gardiner Port Elizabeth
Josey Family Texas
Lubbock SCI Chapter Lubbock
Jessica Marais San José
Jim & Donna Wilkes Wisconsin
Kevin, Linda & Marlin Walkup Texas
Michael & Margeret Webb Texas
Mike & Pam Williams Texas
Bill & Berit Pace Texas
Gina Gullberg Texas
Richard & Kay Rose Texas
Steve Grove Texas
Erika Labuda New York
Tom & Phoebe Burns Texas
Mickey & Barbara McKenzie Texas
Splitting Image Taxidermy Port Elizabeth
Ivan Carter Bahamas
Dallas Safari Club Dallas
STAK Club – Valley Christian Schools California
Tim & Cari Logemann Wisconsin
David & Becky Twiss Texas